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Round Square is a global network of 180 innovative schools, in 50 countries and on six continents, that share a passion for experiential learning and character education. Based around the six IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service, membership in the Round Square network offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, collaborative opportunities and shared experiences with like-minded peers from around the world.


St George's is the only Round Square school in Namibia and has been a global member of the Round Square organisation since 2013.

The Benefits of Round Square

As a Round Square member school, the benefits for students are enormous as they have the opportunities to participate in exchanges, conferences, and service projects abroad. Additionally, the pillars of the six IDEALS root their education in an international context, shaping them into global citizens, well before they leave Namibia to further their education.



St George's students receive this prestigious blazer upon completing all the St George's Round Square pillars, based on six IDEALS.

An explanation of the IDEALS

I - Internationalism

Students receive a Silver scroll for completing 50 hours of attending a Regional Conference/Junior Conference/Virtual Conference or participating in a Regional Debating/International Junior Debating event or being selected as a Barazza leader.

Students receive a Gold scroll for completing 50 hours of International Conferences where they must travel internationally or participate in Student Exchange Programs/International Senior Events or obtain National Colours in Academics or Sports.

The total hours needed are 100.

D - Democracy

Based on the importance of living out the values of Round Square.

Students receive this badge once they obtain all the other Round Square badges.

Another requirement is to represent the school before other organisations, clubs, etc.

E - Environmentalism

Students must physically work in the natural environment. Examples are removing and clearing invasive plant species, creating paths in nature, and educating in the background.

Students must work 50 hours to obtain the Silver scroll and 50 hours for the Gold scroll.

The total hours needed are 100.

A - Adventure

Students must attend all the Grade Outings whilst at St George's:

Grade 8: the 7-day Environmental Outing.

Grade 9: the 6-day Adventure Outing.

Grade 10: the 5-day Service Outing.

Grade 11: the Adventure Outing.

Students must also complete a 100 km Hike Challenge and a 500 km Cycle Challenge.

L - Leadership

This badge is for official leadership positions such as an SRC, a Captain, a Library monitor, etc.

Students must influence the lives of others positively, regardless of their status.

Student must lead by example.

S - Service

Service is about giving your time to Round Square without receiving any financial reward.

Students must serve 50 hours to obtain the Silver scroll and 50 hours for the Gold scroll.

The total hours needed are 100.

These IDEALS underpin the Round Square Discovery Framework, which supports schools in developing and structuring holistic programmes that build character, competencies and life skills for students.


The Round Square IDEALS also provide a common platform shared by all Round Square schools. Round Square schools collaborate, swap and share learning resources.

White Blazer
More Round Square


A key feature of the Round Square experience is the exchange of students  between member schools. The exchange programme will provide opportunities for our students to connect with others
throughout the world.


A very exciting adventure programme is offered by the School. Each grade goes on an annual adventure outing. We also offer adventure challenges to help students face their fears and break through emotional and physical boundaries.


Round Square prepares students for life by serving others. Each student is encouraged to perform a substantial number of service hours, either in school-sponsored, regional or international projects. 

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