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Day 3 - Saturday

A stunning sunrise crests over the mountain hill camp of Namibgrens and the camp has already been struck, a group of young cyclists and their teachers gathered in a group for the early morning briefing as each student boldly announces what their personal challenges for this trip are.

A few moments later and the click of chains is heard as the first group of cyclists leave this idyllic haven to face the challenges of the day.

Hills, every cyclist’s personal enemy and they were out in full force today. The group approaches Remshoogte Pass and the terrain took a drastic change as the pace slowed, sweat breaking out on foreheads as muscles strained pushing bicycles up the steeper inclines, each cyclist yearning for the top of that seemingly endless hill, or the stop of the lead vehicle, which signals the relinquishing of the bike to the next cyclist.

Anticipation increases as the final hill is approached and the pass ends. The sweeping landscape and winding roads laid out before our cyclists as the long, tiring day winds to a close.

The final hill is crested, the wave is ridden out and the wind whips through the hair, a whistling sound carries across the road as bicycles tear down the hills, cyclists languishing in the free ride the momentum gives them down the decline.

Relief is evident as the cyclists know the pass is now behind them and the destination is ahead, legs pedal faster and laughter is heard on the road.

Amidst the cries on newborn lambs and the golden cloud of dust we are greeted with the friendly hospitable faces of the hosts of Ababis who have graciously accepted our rowdy group into their campsites. The soft yellow colours of the sunset envelop the group as the day winds to a close. The fresh wind gently bites a red bloom into our students faces as they set up their tents with gusto, eagerly awaiting a warm shower and a full belly.

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