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Day 4 - Sunday

The smell of cooking flapjacks floats across the air as a wall of students stand around the flames to keep the wind from stealing the heat intended for cooking, each student eagerly awaiting the completion of breakfast before packing the trailer and cleaning their plates.

The last plate cleaned and the last bag packed, all the bikes loaded in their neat little row and the group is off to Solitaire. Students keep a lookout on the road, each judging the quality of the surface, checking to see how the ride might be on this day.

Apple crumble at Solitaire was a definite highlight for the students as they taste the world-famous apple crumble, enjoying one another’s company, their laughter rings through the rafters of the grass roof of the small, quaint bakery.

Once again everyone is loaded into the bus and off the group goes, driving back towards Sesriem, where, just 50km before the destination, all the bikes are taken from their neat little row and placed onto the road, ready to stretch the student’s legs. The road, smoother and less challenging today makes for a sharp contrast to the hills of the previous day. The cyclists fight one last challenge, the wind.

Paradise on a bike put a light in the faces of the riders as their final stretch was completed on a smooth ribbon of tar road, all the way to their destination. Giving a sweet respite to joints and legs that were shaken to jelly over the last few days.

Arriving at Sossus Oasis camp, the students were quick to unpack and eager for the dinner that awaited them. Warm showers and a desert sunset awaited them as the day wound to a close and finally rest was had for all.

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