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Day 5 - Monday

Chasing rainbows in the desert.

With the wind picking up and the temperatures dropping, the students wrapped themselves in their thickest clothing, the layers increasing on their bodies. The increasing freshness drove the students into their tents, having breakfast indoors rather than around the fire.

A quick scramble and into the bus we go, driving through the desert and off to watch the rolling dunes pass us by as deeper into the wintery desert we went. Two dunes were conquered by our students, as they climbed “dune 45”, otherwise known as dune 43, and Big Daddy consecutively. A complete oxymoron faced us, as the students made their way to the dead vlei and were rained upon. Fresh winds and light rain made for a memorable walk, a once in a life time event, as the students experienced this rarity.

From one rarity to the other, everyone piles out of the bus to stand for a picture under a full rainbow proudly displaying its colours, cresting over the dunes.

Moods darkened somewhat as the freshness seeped into bones and tiredness reared its head. After a quick scramble of organising from the teaching team, accommodation was arranged last minute, in order to find shelter from the weather.

A generous hand reached out and saw to it that the cycling team from St George’s was safe and secure, hidden from the cold. A huge thank you must be extended to the Sossus Dune Lodge of NWR, with a special mention to Loide and her team, without whom the students would have had a difficult night fighting the elements.



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