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Day 7 - Wednesday

The sting of the early morning air bites through the walls of the Betta campsites, clear skies turn the colour of the dusky sunrise as students slowly stir awake to a warm breakfast of oats. Steam rises from all bodies as students gather around the fire, everyone languishing the hot drinks that are held in their hands, craving the warmth radiating from their mugs.

After a slow start on the packing front, legs are once again put into action for a quick 50 km cycle to the next campsite. The cold air keeping the cyclists awake and in action as it pushes them from being, giving just enough of help to make the cyclist’s job a fraction easier.

Heading into the foot of the mountains, the roads once again started a gradual climb up, allowing for a new challenge. Muscles stretch and warm up, as they are exercised despite the cold.

Lunch was a quick affair, out in the cold wind, but hungry stomachs growled in anticipation as the noodle salad was served. Supplemented by some tasty snacks that were graciously sponsored by Frans Antony and Nabil, from Robiati. The students dug into these with gusto, craving the energy that would be wrung from their supplements.

On the road again, and excitement rises as the next destination is approached and this time the sun is still high in the sky and there is time to relax and calmly unpack before the darkness completely surrounds the campers.

Hot showers for everyone were a welcome novelty this evening as temperatures dropped once more once the sun sank behind the mountains. Time spent around the campfire, with the last rays of sun warmed everyone in anticipation for what will be a cold night.

Flames crackled in the night and joyful voices were heard while the students held onto mugs of sweet hot chocolate, the smell of a warm meal being cooked, making everyone’s mouth water in anticipation of the delicious food coming their way.



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