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Day 8 - Thursday

Ice crackles on the canvas of the tents as students move for the first time on the frosty morning, loud exclamations as towels that were left to dry were lifted and held their pose like frozen dancers.

The cold delayed the packing somewhat, as the wait was on, hoping for the sun’s first rays to melt the ice and dry the damp off tents and bags. Once breakfast was had and the sun was warming the earth, the team cycled out of the quiet, idyllic campsite to start another day of pedalling down the long road.

60km was planned but a detour had to be made to Helmeringhausen for some of their decadent apple crumble, and laughter was heard as snacks were replenished in the local store.

After this welcome stop, the measure of time was taken and a shorter distance of cycling was put into action, as the cyclists raced the sunset to the next camp at Tiras.

Straw coloured fields glistened like gold as the setting sun painted the landscape with it’s last rays of warmth. Students gathered around the fire and had a moment of appreciation of the highlights of this trip, and each shares which moment made the trip so far a successful one.

A much milder night ahead and students enjoyed another warm shower and settled in for the night of rest before the next day of cycling.

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