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Day 1

In 2016 the first St George’s Round Square Cycle Challenge set off to adventure on their whopping 500km ride around southern Africa. Yesterday another brave group of 22 St George’s students started their journey, beginning the 4th Cycle Challenge, this time, around southern Namibia. From Windhoek to Luderitz, averaging about 100 km a day, these students are testing their limits.

St George's Cycle Challenge Group
St George's Cycle Challenge Group - Start of Day 1

Off to an exciting start on the first day as the Cycle Challenge started off at the turn-off to Gamsberg and travelled to their destination at Weissenfells. With the fresh winter air whipping through helmets and the crunch of gravel under their thick mountain bike tyres, the students were exposed to the stunning Nambian vistas and experienced the endurance that comes along with the slow burn of hills rising before them.

Excitement is heard in the bus as the next team, after resting for their five-kilometer shift, see that they start their run on a gorgeous downhill. Quickly the dangers of a downhill became clear and even our most novice riders learnt to navigate the path in front of them.

A somewhat slow start as the different students become comfortable with the familiar strangeness of their bicycles, the students would test their limits and slowly, but gradually the speed picks up as bonds are made in the team and with the bicycles.

Cycle Challenge Day 1
Cycle Challenge Day 1: Evening at Weissenfels

The evening at Weissenfels was a pleasant wind down to a long day, the freshness creeping up slowly as the students joined in around the fire in a pleasant evening of companionship and good food. Sleep came fast to the team as the weariness of the day set in.

On to another ‘fresh’ day on Friday!

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