8 February 2021

IGCSE exam results

We are extremely proud of our IGCSE (Gr 11) students with their 100% pass rate for the 2020 Cambridge International Examination. Our warmest congratulations go out to our students and teachers for the effort and hard work.

We are so impressed with your amazing achievements when the odds were stacked against you during a pandemic riddled year.

82% of the grades from all the IGCSE subjects were a C symbol or beter.

Eight students straight A* or As for all their subjects. 

30% of the class received an A average for their IGCSE examination.

26 January 2021

Gr 1 Bell Ringing Ceremony

our new Grade 1s started school with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. This year the Bell Ringing Ceremony took place over two days due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

It is a long standing tradition at St George's that our Grade 1 students ring the school bell on their first day of school.

St George's is a proud and well-established Cambridge International school. The Cambridge International Curriculum offered at St George's sets the path for personal growth as well as moving forward to achieving your best life!

13 January 2021

AS Level exam: Top students

We are so proud of our AS-level students (Gr 12) who received their Cambridge Assessment International Education examination results earlier this week. We received a 100% pass rate for the 2020 examinations.


TOP 3 with 4 AS-Level subjects:

1. Alison Musodza (4 A's)

2. Munashe Nyatoti (3 A's, 1B)

3. Helena Kapenda (2 A's, 2 B's)


1. Alina Triebner (3 A's)

2. Dimpho Chata (2 A', 1 B)

3. Nuuyoma Nakutwima (2 A's, 1 B)





St George's Diocesan School is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education 


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