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Day 6 - Tuesday

Crisp, cool morning air sang through the wooden slats of the walkway of the NWR lodge as the students awoke to the slow lightening of the sky, the view, breathtaking in every way, showing the true beauty of the Namibian South.

A relaxing, slow breakfast and the students packed the bus to the brim, piling in to climb out of the biting cold, the group sets off for an unplanned day on the bus.

A new challenge was faced as students were getting to know one another in the close confines of the bus, and tempers fluctuate, from laughter ringing out to the occasional snap as bonds are developed between the most unlikely of people.

A quick lunch was had in the previously planned campsite of Wereldsend, silence was heard when the students tucked into a tasty lunch couscous, looking out over the plains and the mountains of the area.

Sweeping vistas, rolling hills, the mountains framing the long stretch of road in front of us and the students are treated to herds of zebra, gemsbok and the occasional random ostrich prancing alongside the vehicle. Taking in the various hues and shades of brown, yellow and blue, the students were exposed to the vastness of their own country, many of them never having been so far south, nor have they experienced such a rare weather occurrence as rain and cold fronts in the desert.

Luck strikes the group once again as accommodation is arranged and warm rooms are allocated, but it does not stop there. Another fateful stroke of luck and a personal tour of the Duwiseb castle is arranged long after hours. A quick history lesson and a trip back in time and the students learn something about the small moments of history that took place over the years since its construction.

A run back to camp, some warming hearty chicken potjie cooked by Ms Abrantes and her team and the students settle down for the night in their comfortable accommodation with warm bellies and full hearts.



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