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Leilani Khaiseb

Head girl of 2019

A level student of 2020

"Namibia is endowed with its own natural and unique beauty. We look forward to welcoming you all to our land as you feel the warmth of the red glimmering sand of the Namib - where the desert meets the ocean."

Hella Rust

Round Square Rep

Casper Burger

Deputy Head of College

Marco Coetzee

Teacher responsible for:

Baraza leaders

Ingrid Milz

Teacher responsible for:

Homestay (student accommodation)

Tamari Nhamu

Teacher responsible for:

Airport welcome

Carli Abrantes

Teacher responsible for:

Accommodation for adults

Ilse Stears

Teacher responsible for:


Gareth Cloete

Teacher responsible for:


Glenn McNally

Teacher responsible for:

Pre and post conference

René van Niekerk

Teacher responsible for:

Conference merchandise

George Kerosi

Teacher responsible for: 

Potjie competition

Sybille Schroeter

Teacher responsible for:



George Kerosi - Adventure

Carli Abrantes-Social responsiblity

Anna Nendonga-Social responsibility

Casper Burger - Adventure

Alfred Simasiku - Internationalism

Marco Coetzee -  Environment

Addmore Nyandoro-Service project


Ingrid Milz - Adventure

Camilla Young-Social responsibility 

Hella Rust -  Service project

René van Niekerk-Social responsibility

Lucinda Mureko - Environment

Sybille Schroeter - Service project

Esther Samukute - Adventure

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